First aid physician in Nevers

Nevers Full Time Part Time

First aid physician for regional hospital in Nevers (950 beds)

For the regional hospital (Center Hospitalier, 950 beds) in Nevers, in Burgundy, we are looking for a specialist in emergency medicine (first aid physician).

Two hours from Paris (autoroute, train). Nevers lies at the riverside of the Loire and has 40,000 inhabitants.

Job description

The first aid department of this hospital is a very busy department with nearly 3000 patients per month. The right candidate works for the Emergency Department (ambulances), 15 (= emergency number). The candidate must be able to function well in a team. The team consists of 9 first aid physicians + interim doctors if necessary.


It is expected that the right candidate:
– has experience in traumatology, paediatrics and psychiatry
– has at least 5 years of work experience as a first aid doctor;
– is responsible for the information and coordination with regard to patients and staff;
– closely monitors all new developments within the field.

Job requirements

For this vacancy we are looking for a first aid physician. You must speak and write the French language. To qualify for this vacancy you are available fulltime (= 48 hours per week).

Hours per week

-48 hours (possibility to work longer services (up to 24 hours) and thus to build extra free time
-It is a vacancy for an indefinite period of time.

Working conditions

1. Basic salary 4794 € 51: gross per month

2. Night / weekend service 264 € 63: gross per night / Sunday service and service on a public holiday

3. Premium for overtime > 48 hours: 317 € 57 gross for a day period and 209 € 31 for a night period (+ night shift 264 € 63)

4. 25 days holiday, 20 ATV days and 8 paid course days per year.

Housing (temporary) and French lessons are provided

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