Gynecologist in Cherbourg (Normandy)

France Full Time Part Time

We are looking for a gynecologist with experience in ART and oncologie.

In the perspective of replacement for retirement, the 6 gynecologists practicing this specialty in the Hippocrate health center are actively seeking one or two gynecologists.

Consultations in the office, medically assisted procreation interventions with management of an IVF center and / or operations at the Cotentin Polyclinic.

The profile
• Practitioner registered or quickly writable to the Council of the Order of Doctors, from the private and the public, practicing in sector 1 or 2.
• Confirmed gynecologist, confirmed sonographer, who can be approved in PMA and / or oncology
• Autonomous, organized, wishing to invest on the long term in the projects of the establishment
Home structure
The consultation activity is done in a medical house near the clinic with 18 doctors including 6 gynecologists.
The Hippocrates building houses gynecologists, general practitioners, rheumatologists and cardiologists.
The cabinet of 6 gynecologists, located on the 1st floor of the building, is composed of:
• a secretariat,
• 5 gynecological practices,
• 1 common waiting room
• 2 ultrasound rooms + portable ultrasound system
• Medimust Software; View-point; Médifirst
Access for people with reduced mobility. The professionals are organized in SCM for the payment of rents, expenses and the secretariat.
• In collaboration with the Dynabio-Unilabs laboratory, located on the Cotentin Polyclinic
• IVF Center opened in 2000
• The technical actions are assured at the Cotentin Polyclinic in which the laboratory has just opened new brand-new premises (February 20, 2017)
• The biology is provided by the bilogist attached to the medical analysis laboratory and PMA located at the technical platform of the clinic (new premises).
• The activity of the center includes 180 punctures, 130 frozen embryo transfers, 110 IUU per year. The activity can largely be increased with new clinicians
• The nearest centers are Caen at 120km (with which we collaborate closely) and Rennes at 200 km.
• For 5 years the results published by the Biomedicine Agency are quite honorable (Top 15): ranking for the percentage of chance of future pregnancy by puncture successively: 3rd, 15th, 1st, 13th
The gynecologist may, if he wishes to perform DPN, Echo T1 T2 T3 (200 of each / year)

The Polyclinic holds breast and gynecological oncological authorizations with a large surgical activity provided by 2 associates who are also looking for collaborators.

Cooperation with the hospital
• Follow-up of 50% of Cherbourg pregnancies, maternity being in the hospital (2000 delivery / year)
• is currently developing a close collaboration between the private and public sectors with shared skills; especially the possibility of obstetrics at the maternity center if desired.
• Reception in the clinic in May of an intern shared between the 2 institutions as part of his training

This private health, surgical and follow-up care and rehabilitation facility, is located in Cherbourg in Cotentin, on the territory of North Cotentin, which gathers a basin of population of 200 000 inhabitants is of nearly half of the inhabitants of the department of the Channel. It is thus the only private MCO establishment on its territory.

Polyclinic holds
• 4 authorizations (Surgery, Specialized oncological surgeries, Cosmetic surgery and follow-up care and rehabilitation),
• has 125 beds (20 in SSR, 59 in complete hospitalization, 5 in continuing care and 36 ambulatory),
• 7 operating theaters (including a room dedicated to endoscopy) and perform more than 10,000 surgical procedures each year.

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