Occupational physicians Middle France and Paris

France Full Time Part Time

There is a direct need for company doctors at various locations. Among others in Orleans, Nevers, Decize, Besancon, Dole, Belfort, Sens, Auxerre, Rheims, Langres, Chatillon sur Seine, Dijon, Beaune, and also (and this very rare) in Paris.

In France, occupational physicians work per department in an organization that is not commercial, like in the Netherlands. Usually the doctor works in a team with a secretary and nurse and various experts. There is always an employment contract, 35 hours per week, and a salary of around 80,000 euros.

The additional benefits per department vary. Please indicate where you prefer to live and we will find a place as a company doctor for you in that area.

If you are interested and ready for a new adventure in France. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our recruiters or to fill in our contact form.

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